Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Preston Guild - Part 1

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day (for once) in Preston. So I met up with some friends: Ginge, Wensdi, Andrew & Adele and headed over to The Preston Guild.

The Preston Guild is a historic celebration that is over 800 years old. It only happens once every 20 years, and this is the first time I've been lucky enough to see the Guild (not because I'm lucky enough to be that young, because I lived in Nottingham for my earlier childhood). It's full of local artists, performers, athletes and has tons of fun things to do. The guild started on Friday the 31st August and finishes on Sunday 9th September. If you're local I definitely recommend it for a great day out.

We mainly decided to explore The Guild because my friend Wensdi created a Photo Op board, and we were very excited when we saw it and took about a million photos. Wensdi is such a talented artist and I'm so happy that she's being recognised for her work. Here's Wensdi posing with her board, and all of us posing for a picture:

The Guild was full of creative things and fun vintage fashion. I really wish they'd change it to every 2 years instead of every 20!

The Preston Guild - Part 2 - Fashion Edition


  1. Looks like such a funky event! I wish we had stuff like this around here - but then again maybe I'm just not informed.


  2. wow! it looks so fun and amazing! what a bummer it is only every 20 years!

  3. This looks insanely awesome. I have actually never been to fair of anysort (#citygirlissues) but have always wanted to experience something like this.

  4. AMAZING!!!Wish we had something like that around my neck of the woods!
    xo sandra