Thursday, 27 September 2012

Etsy Shop Feature: Paper Stories

When I write someone a special letter or make them a beautiful birthday card, I always find it's really dissapointing when I can't find a cute envelope to match. This is where Paper Stories comes to the rescue.

Paper stories was founded by Nina Voordes from Holland. It specialises in adorable, beautifully coloured envelopes & notebooks.

These envelopes  make me want to write more letters. I hope little shops like this encourage more people to write, there's nothing like receiving a hand written letter from someone special.


  1. Oh wow, I need to check them out!! I looooove letter writing and stationary. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. oh my god. can't choose a favorite. i love love stationary.

  3. Aww, these are just so perfect.

  4. I am such a stationary geek, I love these!

  5. hmm, i never thought about sprucing up the envelope! i just signed up to have a pen pal so i've been looking at adorable stationary, and now i want adorable envelopes too!

  6. How have I not found your blog earlier? Love everything about it! And seriously, pretty envelopes rock. Did you see the recent post on Zie Darling's blog about prettying up envelopes?

    These are so cute!

    1. Ohh I love that post! Thanks so much for sharing!!xx