Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Instagram time

I've had lots going on the past few weeks! And as usual I've forgotten to take photos of most of it.
Here's the photos I did take:

I returned from New York to the usual North of England greeting, rain, rain and lots more rain.

Tidying my studio, I love it when everything is colour coordinated & I love my owl mugs, they're perfect for storing paint brushes and water for painting.

Presents and a silly pug card that I decorated for Ginge's birthday.

I bought these figurines that I'd seen in New York on ebay for half the price. I like them because Ash likes bacon and I like tofu.

Lots of Work in progress.


  1. Ok, I'm seriously loving the Alabama shoes!

  2. You instagram is a thousand times more interesting than mine!

  3. It looks like being in your studio would be really fun. I wouldn't know which marks I would want to doodle with first!!! Those figurines are so cute.