Friday, 14 September 2012

Fashion Favs Friday: 14/09/12

1. Belichek - Really fun and bright jewellery, beautifully presented and very reasonably priced.

2. Demes'tiks NYC - Incredibly well designed pieces. These bold prints and dramatic silhouettes will certainly turn heads.

3. Alisa Design - I've never got so excited about knitwear before. This shop is full of beautifully designed knitwear, sweaters that look like they've come straight off the catwalk. I think they're an absolute bargain for the price, knowing what work must have gone into them.

4. Arch190 - This shop just makes me want to pop out a couple of babies. Absolutely adorable and trendy infant fashion, to be honest, i'd probably wear it all if they made adult sizes.

5. Crystal Star Gems - Eyecatching jewellery. This shop is full of real statement pieces that must take forever to make.


  1. Yep, madly in love with that dress.

  2. Such a nice place here in your blog, I think I stay a little bit : )
    Great picks, Alisa Design is my favorite!
    Thank you, Chantal!

  3. Amazing photos!