Friday, 7 September 2012

Fashion Favs Friday 07/09/12

1. Gabriele Felt - When I came across these adorable bear brooches, I immediately had to add them to my Christmas list. What's better than an adorable bear that you can actually WEAR? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

2. Marewo - These bags are so cute! Fish really freak me out but I still reallly love these fish bags. And the cross heart bags are just perfect. I'm currently trying to resist spending the rest of my money on the turquoise heart bag, can you imagine how awesome that will go with my turquoise hair?

3. Trincar Uvas - Simple, yet effective jewellery. Everything in this shop just screams "wear me". It's all so perfectly designed.

4. La Chica De Los Anillos -I've never seen any rings like this before. They're beautiful, creative, and almost organic looking. I want them all, but I need to grow a few more fingers first.

5. Scatterbrain Ties - This shop kind of makes me want to get an office job so I have an excuse to wear a tie. Nah, just kidding, I'm pretty sure I can style a tie with my usual look of PJ bottoms. This shop an awesome collection of screen printed ties, with insane attention to detail. These dudes have screen printing skills.


  1. THOSE TIES. If I had a boyfriend. Or an older stylish brother, my dear lord I would buy 500 of them for him THEY ARE SO COOOL


  2. Love the fish bag! It reminds me of my fancy goldfish, Watson. We actually have a thing for different species of fancy goldfish :]

    ♥ Em

    1. Haha when you said fancy goldfish I imagined a goldfish in a top hat and a bow tie, PLEASE tell me your fancy goldfish wears a bow tie!!xx

  3. So pretty!!! Thank you very much!!!