Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wednesday Art Feature: Matthew Roby

I first discovered Matthew Roby's work through some friends that worked with him on his animation; Reel. Reel reminds me of when English kids TV actually had a decent budget (the days before the tweenies!) and they took the time to produce beautiful, stylised stories.

Matthew 's illustration style takes me straight back to my childhood, and my love of reading (well, more my love of looking at the pictures in books!). I could imagine the child in me spending hours just staring at the illustrations in his books.

Matthew dosn't just illustrate, he also does weird and awesome sculptures. I love how he finds the fine line between creepy and humorous. I'd love to know the back stories behind these amusing and intricate characters her creates.


  1. Oh wow, i LOVE his stuff! I love how his style translates in both 3D And 2D.... very cool!


  2. I love his art... I keep scrolling back to the Harley Hogburner - genius! thanks for sharing ♥

  3. These remind me of figures my nan always makes from potatoes :)

  4. Crazy crazy art. I haven't seen anything quite like it before. So rad.

  5. oh wow! Somehow reminded me a bit of Tim Burton.. but that's only good about it. I love it!